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Visiting students must be in their 4th year of a 4 year program at a Liaison Committee of Medical Education (LCME) accredited institution or an American Osteopathic Association (AOA) accredited institution. Visiting students may apply for no more than eight (8) total weeks of senior year electives, AFTER PASSING USMLE STEP 1 and upon completion of core clerkship as required of third year students at Sanford School of Medicine at The University of South Dakota (SSOM). These core clerkships are: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Surgery, Neurology and Psychiatry.

SSOM will not give credit to visiting students. A final grade/evaluation form must be provided by the student's medical school and must be given to the evaluating department prior to beginning the rotation. Evaluations will be returned to the student's medical school upon completion of the elective.


Download the Visiting Student Application and all required forms using the links listed below or request application from Janet Macy; or Kay Austin; Complete all required forms with appropriate signatures and return them to ATTN: Janet Macy at the Office Medical Student Affairs. Sanford School of Medicine at The University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD 57069, not less than 30 days prior to elective start date.

The student will be notified regarding the status of their application only after SSOM students have completed scheduling their Senior Electives. All visiting students applying for electives at SSOM are required to provide an official transcript, have malpractice and health insurance, complete immunization records and proof of HIPPA training. If professional liability, malpractice or health insurance is not provided by the student's medical school, a special policy must be obtained by the visiting student and proof of special coverage is required prior to approval of the elective.

SSOM and its affiliated hospitals do not provide for housing or meals nor will they provide information and advice on available housing.

Students should, on arrival at SSOM, report to the department which they are taking an elective for further instructions.

Application Form pdf
Background Check pdf
Confirmation of Malpartice Insurance pdf
Consent and Release Form pdf

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