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- Julian/Brookman internet outage [Outages]
expired: 09/21/2020
RESOLVED Internet unavailable at Julian/Brookman buildings full alert
- Intermittent Network Connectivity [Outages]
expired: 09/02/2020
Some users are having difficulty connecting to the network. full alert
- Problems Making and Receiving calls [Outages]
expired: 07/22/2020
Unable to make/ receive calls full alert
- WIFI outages in Coyote Village [Outages]
expired: 07/18/2020
WIFI outages reported in Coyote Village full alert
- VPN sign in error [Outages]
expired: 07/01/2020
Cisco Anyconnect Remote VPN does not work for some users full alert
- Webex Signin Error [Outages]
expired: 06/20/2020
Webex signin problem resolved full alert
- Issue affecting Service Desk Phones [Outages]
expired: 05/22/2020
Service Desk Phones are down. full alert
- Network Outage May 20, 8:45am [Outages]
expired: 05/22/2020
Network Experiencing Connectivity Issues full alert
- Desire2Learn My Courses viewing issue [Outages]
expired: 05/22/2020
Users are unable to see their My Courses section on the Desire2Learn Homepage full alert
- Unable to log into D2L, SNAP, Banner or Self Service [Outages]
expired: 04/29/2020
Unable to log into D2L, SNAP, Banner or Self Service: Error Incorrect user ID or password. full alert
- Resolved: USD resources unavailable from some Internet Providers [Outages]
expired: 03/26/2020
Some home user ISPs are not able to reach USD/BOR resources full alert
- Webex - Can't Connect to Audio [Outages]
expired: 03/18/2020
Webex audio currently unavailable full alert
- All Circuits Busy message [Outages]
expired: 03/16/2020
All Circuits Busy message when calling in from Verizon Wireless full alert
- SFMed & SDSD intermittent connectivity [Outages]
expired: 03/10/2020
SFMed & SDSD intermittent connectivity full alert
- RESOLVED - Intermittent Network Access - Vermillion Campus [Outages]
expired: 03/07/2020
The issue causing intermittent issue impacting internet access at the Vermillion main campus has been resolved. full alert
- Study Abroad is unavailable [Outages]
expired: 02/26/2020
Study Abroad is unavailable full alert
- Aceware.usd.edu is unavailable [Outages]
expired: 02/14/2020
Aceware.usd.edu is unavailable full alert
- myUSD portal (https://my.usd.edu) site can't be reached [Outages]
expired: 02/10/2020
myUSD portal site can't be reached full alert
- Coyote One Stop unavailable [Outages]
expired: 02/06/2020
Coyote One Stop currently unavailable from Vermillion Campus full alert
- myUSD portal (https://my.usd.edu) not loading [Outages]
expired: 02/05/2020
The myUSD portal unavailable full alert
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