Oceanography 401
Spring, 2009

List of important topics to review for comprehensive
portion of Oceanography final exam

Geographic features on handout.

Geomorphic features associated with divergent, transform, and convergent tectonic plate boundaries (ocean ridges, trenches, etc.).

Coriolis effect and how it relates to wind and ocean currents.

Gulf Stream eddies (spin direction, depth, temperature, and productivity).

General surface circulation patterns of the oceans.

Deep water circulation patterns and upwelling zones.

Nutrient cycles and limiting factors for life in the oceans.

Productivity, energy transfer, and food webs; seasonality of productivity.

Diversity of various marine environments (planktonic, pelagic, benthonic).

Major changes in ocean life through geologic time (Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic).

Most abundant dissolved solids (ions) in the ocean and how they are measured (salinity).

Factors that determine tidal range and timing of tides along the world's coasts.

Primary vs. secondary coasts, conditions responsible for each, processes that convert one to the other.

Factors that determine spacing of tidal channels in barrier island/lagoon systems.

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