Oceanography Questions
Duxbury Chapter 1

Be familiar with the major cultures, individuals, and vessels mentioned in class and their main contribution(s).

  1. Identify the culture that made each of the following accomplishments.
    Accomplishment Culture
    First culture known to have used fish nets
    First culture to colonize Greenland and North America by crossing the Atlantic
    First culture to have a navy and circumnavigate Africa all the way to the British Isles
    First culture to navigate the islands of the Pacific Ocean
    Invented astrolabes and used them for distant oceanic travel

  2. Which ship survived a trip across the Arctic Ocean frozen in sea ice?
    Kon Tiki

  3. Match each famous oceanographer with his contribution (one match each).
    Oceanographer Contribution
    Alexander Agissiz
    Benjamin Franklin
    Charles Darwin
    Christopher Columbus
    Ferdinand Magellan
    James Cook
    John Ross
    Robert Ballard
    Victor Hensen
    Discovered America (but thought it was India)
    Discovered the concept of the Gulf Stream
    Discoveries on the deep ocean floor using submersibles
    Evolution of coral reefs
    First American oceanographer
    First calculated the size of the earth
    First collection of organisms from the ocean depths
    First understanding of ocean food chains and role of plankton
    First voyage around the world
    Made first maps of the Pacific Ocean

  4. Who is sometimes known as the Father of Oceanography?
    Benjamin Franklin
    Christopher Columbus
    Edward Forbes
    Matthew Maury
    Walfrid Ekman

  5. What was the first research drilling ship?
    Glomar Challenger
    JOIDES Resolution

  6. How are most measurements on ocean currents now obtained?
    From floating buoys
    From land-based radar
    From orbiting satellites
    From research vessels
    From whales

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