Levin, Chapter 17

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  1. Which of the following characters is not typical of the Order Primates?
    Opposable thumb
    Reduction in number of fingers
    Reduction in number of teeth
    Shortening of skull
    Stereoscopic vision

  2. Which continent has monkeys with prehensile tails?
    North America
    South America

  3. What character distinguishes apes from monkeys?
    Grasping hands
    Ground-dwelling habit
    Long tails
    Stereoscopic vision

  4. When did apes first appear?

  5. Which of the following characters developed first in human evolution?
    Bipedality (upright posture)
    Culture and tool making
    Loss of heavy brow ridges
    Significant brain enlargement

  6. Which species of Australopithecus probably gave rise to Homo?
    Australopithecus afarensis
    Australopithecus africanus
    Australopithecus boisei
    Australopithecus robustus

  7. Which human species was the first to leave Africa and colonize much of the Old World?
    Australopithecus africanus
    Australopithecus robustus
    Homo erectus
    Homo habilis
    Homo sapiens

  8. Which species of Homo was the first to appear?
    Homo erectus
    Homo habilis
    Homo sapiens

  9. Match each "Man" with the description of its significance.
    Cro-Magnon Man
    Neanderthal Man
    Peking Man
    Piltdown Man
    A famous scientific hoax
    Another name for Homo erectus
    First to ceremoniously bury his dead
    Painted art in caves of France and Spain

  10. What famous scientist has found evidence that there were habitable refugia along the northern Pacific coast during the Ice Age that humans might have used to first enter North America?
    Your own humble professor

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