Levin, Chapter 1

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  1. What is the topic of ESCI 103?
    Engineering geology
    Environmental geology
    Historical geology
    Physical geology
    Structural geology

  2. Which level of scientific proposal represents the highest level of confidence?
    Scientific law

  3. What does it mean that science is Naturalistic?
    Science can only appeal to natural causes--not supernatural ones.
    Science is a process that naturally appeals to the human mind.
    Science is the study of the natural world.
    Science tests hypotheses by studying physical data.
    Scientific results are repeatable by anyone.

  4. How can historical theories be tested?
    Determining whether the theory is in agreement with modern physical laws
    Searching for evidence of past events that are predicted by the theory
    Seeing if all specialists agree on the veracity of the theory
    Testing similar or analogous theories in a laboratory
    They can't because past events cannot be repeated.

  5. What theory was proposed and tested to explain the salt deposits and other oddities of the Mediterranean seafloor?
    The Mediterranean Sea dried up at one time.
    The Mediterranean Sea is full of salt-loving organisms.
    The Mediterranean Sea is part of Earth's original crust.
    The Mediterranean Sea used to be a high mountain.
    The Mediterranean Sea was hit by a large asteroid.

  6. Why is the Antarctic ice sheet a good place to look for meteorites?
    Meteorites are easy to spot on the ice.
    Meteorites on the ice cannot be confused with earth rocks.
    Meteorites weather very slowly under freezing conditions.
    The true proportion of the different types of meteorites can be calculated.
    All of the above

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