Student Questions on Chapter 16

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  1. the meteor hitting the earth was not the main cause of the dinosaurs extinction, but rather the secondary effects of the meteor effected the dinosaurs more, which of the below best lists the secondary effects ? (Dana Peterson)
    Blockage of sunlight, wildfires, tidal waves, infrared radiation pulse
    gobal wildfires, desertification
    Tidal waves, sea floor spreading, volcanic eruptions
    Blockage of sunlight, New Ice age

  2. Which of these the meteorite impact didnt cause (Mkadam)
    blockage of sunlight
    tidal waves
    global wildfire
    Acid rain

  3. Which of these groups were drastically reduced, some losing entire families, some leaving very few survivors? (charles gageby)
    Planktonic foraminifera
    all of the above
    none of the above

  4. On what are many dinosaur extinction theories based? (Shannon Graham)
    evidence found by the Alvarez team
    evidence found in Hell Creek in 1962
    evidence found by Abraham Lincoln
    evidence discovered in the Morrison Formation in 1908
    problems facing human society

  5. Which contains most of the terrestrial records from the KT boundary?(David Beattie)
    North America

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