Student Questions on Chapter 14

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  1. Who described the first dinosaur bone? (Charles Gageby)
    robert plot
    gideon mantal
    william buckalnd
    richard owen
    joseph leidy

  2. Who proposed cladistics as a new classification scheme in 1950? (Shannon Graham)
    Harry Govier Seeley
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Willi Hennig
    Bob Farrar
    Sue Hendrickson

  3. Who was Copes best collector of dinosaur bones? This man was stolen by Marsh and started the feud between them. ( Dana Peterson)
    Charles Sternberg
    John Hatcher
    Roy Andrews
    Edwin Colbert

  4. first dinosaur bone documented was discovered by (Mkadam)
    Robert Plot
    Dr. Sue
    Gideon Mantle
    Jim Carry

  5. Which two men destroyed bones so that the other couldn't have them? (Ryan G)
    Hawkins &Mantel
    Horner & Ostrom
    Cope & Marsh
    Leidy & Larson
    Owen & Bakker

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