Student Questions on Chapter 7

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  1. Ouranosaurus were popular around which time period? (Charles Gageby)
    Middle Cretaceous
    Late Cretaceous
    Early Jurassic
    Late Jurassic
    none of the above

  2. Match the vocabulary word to its definition. (Shannon Graham)
    Definitions Vocabulary Word
    lots of prenatal care for young
    no prenatal care for young
    producing a large number of eggs, most of which do not survive
    except for the vertical motion of the lower jaws, skull bones are solidly fused and locked together
    individual bones in the skull move
    producing a small number of offspring, most of which survive

  3. Which dinosaur is the link between the small hypsilophodontids and the large iguanodontids?

  4. when Edmontosaurus first appeared (Mkadam)
    late cretaceous
    early jurassic
    middle crataceous
    bronze age
    stone age

  5. what cool body part did the Iguanodontidae have ( ryan gaskins)
    tiny legs
    small ears
    one eye
    Spike on first digit of forelimb

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