Participants and Acknowledgements

Researchers -- Paleontology
Dr. Timothy H. Heaton (PI), Department of Earth Sciences, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD 57069
Frederick Grady, Department of Paleobiology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Researchers -- Archaeology
Dr. E. James Dixon (PI)
Craig Lee
Heather Mrzlack
Eric Parrish
Tongass National Forest Laisons
Terry Fifield (Archaeology)
Jim Baichtal (Geology)
Cat Woods (Recreation)
Jackie de Montigny (Wrangell)
Geno Cisneros (Hoonah)
Alaskan Cavers/Guides
Kevin Allred
Pete Smith
Dave Love
Steve Lewis
Dan Monteith
Native Interns -- Archaeology
Yarrow Vaara
Patrick Olsen
Tarz Snook
Aubrey Gamble
Sabrina Demmert
Student Assistants -- Paleontology
Keisuke Nozaki (field, lab supervisor)
Janna Carpenter (field and lab)
Rissi Ford (lab)
Takaya Watanabe (lab)
Wade Sirles (field and lab)
Jim DeHoogh (field and lab)
Andy Klock (field and lab)
Tom Haggar (field)
Nat Carter (field)
Christy Heaton (field)
Camp Cooks at On Your Knees Cave
Sharon Brosamle (1997)
Peggy Whitehead (1998)
Lynn Reitmeyer (1999)
Bill Evans (2000)
Funding Agencies
National Science Foundation
National Geographic Society
Tongass National Forest
University of South Dakota
National Speleological Society
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© 2002 by Timothy H. Heaton