Timothy H. Heaton
Department of Earth Sciences
University of South Dakota
Vermillion, SD 57069

Tim Heaton excavating in On Your Knees Cave,
Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska
(National Geographic, Dec. 2000, pp. 40-41)

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Computer Programs for Download
Grand Canyon Slides
USD Earth Science Practice Exams
Practice Geologic Time Scale
Practice Periodic Table of the Elements
A Young Grand Canyon?

Principles of Earth Science I or Physical Geology (ESCI 101)
Principles of Earth Science II or Historical Geology (ESCI 103)
World of the Dinosaurs (ESCI 207)
Oceanography (OCEN 401/501)
The Age of the Earth (UHON 390)
Evolution/Creation Debate (ESCI 309)
Vertebrate Paleontology (ESCI 563/663, ZOOL 586/686)
Field Trip to Grand Canyon (ESCI 396)

Southeast Alaska research (Ice Age vertebrates of the Alexander Archipelago)
Bison excavation (Krogman Ranch, near White River, South Dakota)
Crystal Ball Cave (Quaternary paleontology of the Great Basin)
Ischyromys (Eocene/Oligocene rodent of western North America)
Leptomeryx (Eocene/Oligocene artiodactyl of western North America)

The Boston Marathon
Mormon/Mason Comparison

E-mail can be sent to Professor Heaton at theaton@usd.edu.