Multiple Spatial Scales

Multiple Spatial Frequency Scales

(b) = Highpass filtered face;  (c) = Lowpass filtered face
Which spatial frequency band carries the "emotional" information in this situation?

Olivia & Schyns
Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile
Hybrid Images
LFS (< 2cpd) plus HFS (8+ cpd)
Attenuate HFS via increased distance, blurring or dimming

Demo Applet


Celebrity Hybrid


Sad-to-Happy follows Fine-to-Coarse Regression


Local versus Global Scales

Navon Hierarchical Letters
Global Precedence Effect
Global-to-Local Scale Progression

Navon Objects
Global Precedence Effect

(But different fMRI asymmetry)


The fact that you can read both "C" and "F" indicates that GLOBAL processing (ala Navon)
can occur at both the coarse and fine spatial-frequency scales.  This illustrates the fact that
coarse-to-fine and global-to-local processing represent different levels of analysis.
(see Fig. 2. in Olivia & Schyns, 1997)

Siggraph 2006 Paper describing Image Hybridization Scheme

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