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Arrange to meet with a subject specialist

librarian to assist you with your research

projects. Requests for new materials and

reference and instruction inquiries should be

directed to the appropriate subject specialist.

College of Arts & Sciences

Alan Aldrich 677-6614

David Alexander 677-6078

Lisa Duncan 677-8867

Stephen Johnson 677-5629

Carol Leibiger 677-6089

Lindsay Marlow 677-6086

Kathleen McElhinney 677-6083

Sanford School of Medicine and

School of Health Sciences

Timmi Johnson 677-6615

Shelie Vacek 677-5121

Anna Gieschen 357-1519

Molly Youngkin 357-1531

Beacom School of Business

Stephen Johnson 677-5629

College of Fine Arts

Danielle De Jager-Loftus 677-5123

University Libraries | University of South Dakota | 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069

Phone. 605-677-5373 | Fax. 605-677-5488 |




“The librarians are amazing. They work

very hard to solve problems, with

extensive networks to branch out for

solutions to difficult problems.”

The comment above was among the responses to the

University Libraries’ 2015 LibQual survey. The comment

resonated with me because the librarians are excellent

problem solvers. The team of librarians at the University

Libraries strives to provide faculty and students with the

best information at the right time.

As you embark on the new academic year, you can count

on the library faculty and staff to assist you with

navigating the Libraries' wide range of information

resources and services. Last year, they helped over

4,758 students and faculty with locating hard-to-find

sources, literature searches, using EndNote, archival and

oral history collections and more.

Whether you are a senior faculty member or just

beginning your career or studies at USD, please get to

know the faculty librarian who works with your


Daniel Daily