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The South Dakotan

Becca Jordre never expected to become an expert on geriatric

wellness, although she was inspired at an early age to pursue

a career in health care. That desire delivered her as a student

to USD, and later to work as a physical therapist, teacher, and

scientist, including serving senior citizens competing at state and

national athletic competitions.

As a youngster growing up in Mankato, Minnesota, Jordre

was influenced when she saw a physical therapist portrayed

in a movie. “At the age of 15,” she recalled, “I thought that

doing that sort of work would be a useful and fun thing to do.”

Shortly after that Jordre found herself needing professional care

for a back problem, and her positive rehabilitation experience

reinforced her interest in physical therapy.

Jordre’s path has been on a progressive, upward trajectory

since then. She completed her undergraduate degree in

psychology at USD in 1999, with a plan to continue her studies

in physical therapy. At the time there were only four DPT

(doctor of physical therapy) programs in the country, and Jordre

was accepted into Duke University. Jordre left Duke and North

Carolina after completing her education there, returning to her

home state to practice physical therapy from 2002 to 2007 in

Bemidji, Minnesota. She followed that with a two-year stint that

Keeping Seniors in the Game

Becca Jordre champions the values

of fitness and exercise for older adults

By Peter Carrels

Science tells us that the risks of inactivity

far outweigh the risks of staying active.

These senior athletes make it happen

in the field. They really break down our

stereotypes of typical aging. I love that!

—Becca Jordre, DPT