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Old News: Pop Culture Fiction
By Philip Squires, ’07 B.A.
ISBN: 978-1475914337
Meet Dregs Marrow, a Portland, Ore. native
hoping to build a band from scratch and to have
that group create a sound truly unique. Sounds
simple enough, but in Squires’ capable hands, this
fictional tale takes the reader to places old and
new, but never dull. Those who join Marrow are a
motley lot, and the shared vision of the band gives
readers a look directly into the creative process.
Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet
By Twyla M. Hansen and Linda M. Hasselstrom, ’65 B.A.
ISBN: 978-1935218241
Clouds and water, earth and sky, farm and
ranch. From noted Plains authors Hasselstrom
and Hansen, from South Dakota and Nebraska,
respectively, the humdrum and mundane take
on new lyric significance yet never become
counterfeit in the hands of these talented poets.
Agriculture as well as life comes through in each
stanza in a collection certain to illuminate open
prairie like few other tomes can.
Creativity, Critical Thinking,
and Communication
Strategies to Increase Students’ Skills
By Melissa Goodwin, ’99 B.S., ’04 M.S. and Catherine
Sommervold, ’93 B.S., ’96 M.A.
ISBN: 978-1610487986
This book puts the spotlight on engagement and
passion, and brings a new set of “R’s” to the table:
rigor, relevance and relationships. Goodwin and
Sommervold share proven strategies for teaching
critical thinking, a skill many describe as among
the most important for students of any age. They
provide data that support these approaches in 21st
century classrooms and give teachers a book that
isn’t so much another to-do list. Instead, a new
approach to the complicated process of teaching is
shared in an approachable, insightful manner.
Soft Fur and Iron Men
A History of the Fur Trade in South Dakota
and the Upper Missouri
By Aaron Robert Woodard, ’95 B.A., ’98 M.A.
ISBN: 978-1598242393
In Woodard’s hands, the taciturn gristle of those who lived off the funds raised
with steel traps becomes much more, in that he crafts not only the history of
the fur trade that influenced his home state, but the larger ramifications of
it and how such a simple thing as an animal’s hide often led to international
intrigue and violent battles for turf. The tales are not tall—they are steeped in
research, and the illustrations and maps make this more than just a reference
for 19th century history fans.
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Step Into Our Lives at the
Funeral Home
Death, Value and Meaning Series
By Jo Michaelson, ’70 M.A., ’95 Ed.D.
ISBN: 978-0895033932
Michaelson’s wide-ranging career, from counselor
to funeral home owner, gives her writing heft
and allows one to cross the threshold into the
oft-detached world of professional funeral service.
In her book, she details the life and death nature
of this line of work and how it can require a
deft touch and a reverence rarely found in other
career paths. It does so without a trace of maudlin
or sentimentality.
Come To Your Senses
An Inspirational Guide for Using
All Your Senses
By Joan (Stuebbe) Brock, ’74, B.S.R.
ISBN: 978-1604948844
Brock’s inspirational story is behind this book,
and the author’s distinct humor also laces its way
through the tale of how we all can focus more on
what we have rather than what is missing. Brock,
who lost her sight at age 32, brings to life a guide
for opening not just our faculties to life, but our
minds and souls as well.
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