The South Dakotan
It was in the 1880s when a group of University of Chicago
students followed USD’s fourth president, Edward Olson, to the
dusty prairie of Vermillion. The group carried with them an idea
for a student paper, but it’s safe to say that none of the “Chicago
Boys”—a nickname they relished—realized they were starting an
institution that would continue for 125 years.
Those young men, along with students from South Dakota,
began to publish
The Volante
—a French word meaning
“flying”—that also was the moniker of a literary publication at
the University of Chicago. The “Boys” liked the name enough to
give it a new life at the young USD they
now called home. That simple starting
point for
The Volante
belies the complex
and strong message the newspaper
became, and continues to be, in 2012.
It continues to hold a strength no other
student-run entity at the university has
matched. It has served as the students’
voice, a springboard for writers,
photographers, designers and editors,
and it continues to lead as the flagship student publication at the
university. As we celebrate the university’s 150th anniversary of
founding in 2012, we also celebrate
The Volante
, its alums, and
the work these students compiled while working at USD.
When the first issue of
The Volante
was published in 1887,
it looked nothing like the student newspaper that most alumni
remember from their days at USD. It was presented, as the
publications of the time, as a literary publication, with flowing
essays, few images and a considerable amount of depth into grand
issues that went beyond the borders of a campus that consisted of
three buildings. As both the newspaper
and campus grew, those who worked at
The Volante
realized its import. During
one of the most monumental events of
the early USD—the fire of Old Main
in 1893 —
The Volante
played a crucial
role informing students of the event and
keeping them alert to the fact classes
would continue on in the face of a
massive setback.
For More Than
a Century, the
Students’ Voice:
Turns 125
By Jarett C. Bies
The Volante
over the years; below, the first staff.
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