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The South Dakotan
Jennif er Dice, ’94
Dakota Days is absolutely the best time of the year—the
campus looks great, fall is in full swing, and the enormous
pride I had as a student, and now as an alum, manifests itself
in those three celebratory days on campus. There is just
something in the air—it’s charged with excitement and the
crisp, earthy smell of fall foliage. Now, walking around campus
with my family and seeing the amazing progress that has been
made with new buildings and programs is exciting.
I love running into faculty that inspired me, old friends,
sorority sisters, and taking a trip down memory lane is truly
one of my favorite things. Stopping in for a beer at Carey’s
doesn’t hurt either.
I think it is our pride in the university and in the state of
South Dakota that make this event one where people can unite,
young and old. When on campus, I remember having such a
respect for returning alumni and I think that is unique, that
the current students embrace alumni and welcome them. It
creates a large homecoming family.
Ar thur Rusch, ’68, ’71
As a student, D-Days was always a time to socialize with
other students and enjoy a break from studying, hopefully, on a
beautiful fall weekend. It really brought home the long history
of USD and the established traditions as well as recognizing the
alumni who had gone on to achieve success. However, it was
also a stressful time when I was on the D-Day committee and
hoping everything would go right.
As an alum who still lived in Vermillion, it was a time to
reconnect and socialize with classmates—and now to see those
classmates who return, bringing their grandchildren to enjoy
the parade.
I think that D-Days continues as a draw because it is a
chance to greet not only those who were classmates but those
whom one knows professionally.
Dakota Da
As the University of South Dakota prepares
to celebrate its 100th Dakota Days this
fall, several alumni ref lect on their fondes t
D-Days memories and what the rich
traditions of USD mean to them.
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