Sustainability Newsletter Spring 2021

S tudents G ain P erspective T hrough P odcasts On April 7, 2021, the Department of Sustainability & Environment will host a “Solve Climate by 2030” webinar, highlighting state-level and local actions that South Dakotans can take to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade. The webinar will be South Dakota’s contribution to an international event, led by Bard College, wherein colleges and universities in nearly all 50 states and in 50 countries will hold discussions around local solutions that can address climate change and foster a just transition toward greater sustainability. “Solve Climate by 2030” is designed to help #MakeClimateaClass, giving high school and college instructors in any field a way to add climate change content to their curricula. Sustainability major Meredith King is helping to organize the event and identify webinar speakers while fellow major Caleb Swanson will be running a social media campaign to promote the event. For more information, contact A rtist N ina E lder to V isit D uring E arth D ays Sustainability Listserv If you would like to receive updates about the Sustainability Program, including upcoming events and other information, sign up for the Sustainability Listserv. Please email to be added to the listserv. New Sustainability Community List If you are interested in sustainability and would like to broadcast messages and communicate with each other, please email Anna.Moore@coyotes. to be added to this new listserv. Sustainability at USD This document is available in alternative formats upon request. Students contact Disability Services at 605-658-3745. Faculty and staff contact Human Resources at 605-658-3660. In order to get students in the Sustainable Environment course (SUST 113) to engage with and learn more about sustainability issues, instructor Jenny Fierro had her students create podcasts, called "Sustainability Stories." The podcasts allow the students to apply what they learned by communicating an issue to the general public—an early step of stakeholder engagement. The subjects range widely and include topics about recycling, water and energy resources, climate change, pollution and others. Visit to listen to the podcasts. Fierro says the students learned a lot from the project, and she plans to have each class in the future create new podcasts. Nina Elder, a nationally renowned artist and researcher whose work focuses on how the natural environment is changing from human activities, will visit USD for Earth Days, April 19–23, 2021. During her visit, she will engage with multiple classes about sustainability and develop a mural she will paint at the Akeley-Lawrence Science Center. According to Elder’s website, “Nina advocates for collaboration, fostering relationships between institutions, artists, scientists and diverse communities.” For more information on Nina Elder’s visit, contact