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Faculty and Student Activities and Achievements

Cindy Struckman-Johnson,

Ph.D., professor of

psychology, and

Sam Gaster,

clinical psychology

graduate student, were two of the authors of a study

entitled “A Preliminary Investigation of Sexual Activity

as a Distraction for Younger Drivers” published in

Accident Analysis & Prevention

in October 2014. The

results of their research were presented in a full-page

display of graphics in the November issue of the popular


Men’s Health.

An online interview with

Struckman-Johnson accompanied the display.

In 2014, Professor of Psychology

X.T. Wang,


published a variety of research and gave numerous

talks throughout the world. Published papers include

“Trust or Not: Trust-based Choice Heuristics in HR

Management” in the

Journal of Business Research,

January 2014. Among Wang’s presentations were

“Resource Allocation Examined in Social Discounting

Across Cultures” at the 26th Annual Human Behavior

and Evolution Society Conference, in Natal, Brazil, in

August 2014.

Three psychology graduate students received graduate

student research and creative activity grants from the

USD Graduate School after a competitive process.

Recipients demonstrated their project will make a

unique contribution to the field. Students and their

projects are:

Savannah Joy Peters,


HPV Vaccination and Contraception Use in Medically

Rural versus Urban Environments;”

Sam Gaster,

“The Contribution of Body Checking to Body

Dissatisfaction, Body Distortion, and Compensatory

Exercise;” and

Austin Matthew Hahn,


Experiences and Health Behaviors.”

Associate Professor

Raluca (Gaher) Simons,



Jeffrey Simons,

Ph.D., and others published

“An Experience Sampling Study of PTSD and Alcohol-

Related Problems” in

Psychology of Addictive Behavior,

August 2014, and “Associations Between Sensitivity to

Punishment, Sensitivity to Reward, and Gambling” in

Addictive Behaviors,

in press.



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