South Dakota Possibilities

Becoming part of a Shared Living residence – whether as a provider or the person receiving support – isn’t a fast process, but ultimately it can be a rewarding experience, say those who work closely with the still-evolving program. “It gives people a quality of life they always knew they wanted but was not possible before,” said Kelli Anderson, director of the Resources for Human Development (RHD) office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “Some of our folks have been extremely challenging to serve by other providers, but here they have been wildly successful. It’s about choice and control.” Shared Living started in South Dakota on June 1, 2017. The residential service for people with disabilities has been gaining widespread popularity across the United States as an alternative to congregate home situations, said Darryl Millner, director of the state Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Services in Pierre, South Dakota. “We wanted our services to keep pace with innovations happening across the country,” he said. “The more we learned, its benefits came out very clear to us: Less reliance on the traditional workforce in a group home setting and less reliance on The Evolution of Adult Foster Care 8 | Possibilities 2019