Math Newsletter Fall 2017

university. For all your years of dedicated service, we say a true and heartfelt thanks, Linda! There have been a few other changes in the department this fall as well. Our instructor Lynnette Crawford moved to the Twin Cities with her family for a job opportunity for her husband. We wish them all well. As such, it created an opening in the department which was filled by our Math Emporium director, Nick Wulf. Elizabeth Schneider was then hired as our new Math Emporium director and you can read more about her in this newsletter. It involved a little shuffling, but we managed to get all our positions filled for the year. I would also like to mention a new scholarship endowment that has just been announced for the Department of Mathematical Sciences. John A. Smedsrud established a scholarship endowment for students majoring in mathematics who demonstrate financial need. Thanks to John for his generosity in providing this gift to benefit our students in perpetuity. I also want to thank all our alumni and friends for all you do to encourage students to attend USD and for being strong ambassadors for us in your daily lives. Recruitment is so very important these days and we appreciate all you do for us in this area. The invitation is always open for you to stop by when you are in Vermillion. We would love to show you around the campus and our new space in Patterson Hall that we have occupied for a year now. I am sure a lot has changed since many of you have been on campus. Best Wishes, Dan Van Peursem, Professor and Chair Department of Mathematical Sciences Greetings Alumni and Friends, As I write this newsletter, our fall 2017 school year is well underway. However, I do want to take this opportunity to reflect over the past year and give you a small sample of our achievements. Each and every year I am humbled by the talented faculty we have teaching in the department who provide excellent mentorship for our students. I am also amazed at the bright students we have in the department who go on to accomplish great things. If any of you would like to come back to visit with our math club about your specific career field, the club is always looking for speakers to give a short presentation about what it takes to get into different careers, and how to prepare for those careers while in college. We are seeing more and more students involved in summer internships and research opportunities. This is a solid metric of a strong and vibrant department. We hope to continue that trend with even more opportunities for our students and your help in this area is always appreciated. If you have internships available in your area, we would be happy to advertise them within the department. I would like to mention in this letter that Linda Iverson, our senior secretary who has been serving the Department of Mathematical Sciences for 21 years and the university for 31 years, will be retiring in January. We will all deeply miss her around here. I would also like to mention that she has been a main contributor to these newsletters the last several years, along with the numerous other tasks that support staff have thrown at them. With all of these additional responsibilities, they keep taking on more and more duties with a strong devotion of dedicated service to the department and From the Chair’s Corner M athematical S ciences Newsletter Fall 2017