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WINTER 2015/16 |


Kassandra Cline became

the Law School’s manager of

administration and operations

on July 1. In this position,

development of financial tools

that will assist the Law School’s

budgeting process is a principal

task; making financial reports to the

University, ABA and AALS is another big responsibility.

Cline’s experience in the field will also be put to use

assisting Dean Graham on department assessment while

she manages finance, human resources, general property

issues, Law School events and contract matters, as well as

accounting and secretarial staff.

A well-rounded education has provided Cline much

knowledge and experience to contribute to USD. After

obtaining her bachelor’s degree in business leadership

from Omaha, Nebraska’s College of St. Mary in 2001, she

came to USD to pursue a master’s degree in technology

for education and training. She graduated in 2005 but

stayed at the university to pursue a doctorate degree in

educational administration for adult & higher education,

which she finished in 2010. Cline also obtained a master’s

degree in business administration in 2013 from Daniel

Webster College.

Prior to this position, Cline was the director of

Western Iowa Tech Community College’s marketing

management program; the dean of academic affairs at ITT

Technical Institute; and the assistant dean for institutional

effectiveness at AIB College of Business.

Kassandra Cline

Myanna Dellinger came to USD

as an assistant professor of law on

August 5. Originally from Aarhus,

Denmark, she offers international

experience to both the law students

and the university in general.

“I am very proud and honored

to have been chosen to teach law at

a state flagship public law school,” she said. As the world

becomes more globally connected, “most students will

benefit from learning about how things are done not only

in different parts of the United States, but also beyond.”

She obtained both a bachelor’s degree in English

and German and a master’s degree in Languages for

Specialized Purposes from Aarhus University. Then, she

relocated to the United States and later obtained a J.D.

from the University of Oregon School of Law

Dellinger currently instructs courses on commercial

topics as well as international law. Her duties extend

beyond the classroom, however, to encompass research

and writing about the relationship between environmental

and business law. She aims to use her position to educate

not only students, but also those in the legal field.

“I hope that by taking my classes, my students will

be challenged enough to grow,” she said, “and that my

research will help practitioners, judges and policy-makers

realize the effects that climate change will have on most

aspects of society if not curbed soon.”

Other titles of hers include chair of the International

Environmental Law Interest Group in the International

Law Association’s American branch; the host and producer

of the Global Environmental Energy and Law Podcast;

and contributor to the ContractsProf Blog.

The semester keeps Dellinger’s schedule quite full, but

what spare time she can find is spent exercising, traveling,

watching movies or baking.

Myanna Dellinger