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Craig Lloyd

Craig Lloyd, co–owner of

Lloyd Companies, has been

contributing to the growth

of Sioux Falls since 1972.

Though he stepped down as

CEO in January 2016, he

made a lasting impression

on the community in

his 44 years of service.

Having developed more

than 1.6 million feet of

commercial space and

5,000 apartments, Lloyd knows that today’s business

students will be responsible for the town’s – and state’s –

continued thriving. Building foundations for their future

careers is therefore one of his priorities.

“Keeping students in the state is so important to us,”

he said. “South Dakota is a great place because it’s a state

where people want to help people.”

Originally from Mankato, Minnesota, Lloyd received

his business administration degree from Mankato State

College in 1972. He and his wife, Pat, then moved to

Sioux Falls and founded what would become a local

legacy in real estate. Their belief that “people should be

the foundation” translated into the company values of

quality, integrity and relationships with their business

that have helped make Lloyd Companies as strong and

successful as it is today.

Now, as part of the Dean’s Advisory Board, Lloyd

looks forward to his instrumental role in helping

graduates find their futures right here in South Dakota.

“I am honored to share my thoughts with young

people so they can help build a better community,” he

said, “and I am excited about the opportunity to influence

the future workforce of South Dakota and identify ways

to keep them in the state after graduation.”

Lloyd is a licensed broker in South and North Dakota,

Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota; he remains an active

community leader by partnering with local nonprofit

organizations and donating resources such as land, labor

and financial assistance to those in the Sioux Falls area.

Scott Sletten

President, CEO and

owner of JDS Industries,

Scott Sletten heads the

world’s leading supplier of

awards and personalization

products. The business is

headquartered in Sioux

Falls, South Dakota, but

employs approximately 250

people in 14 warehouses

throughout the U.S.; its

consumer base extends to

more than 80 countries. What started in 1973 as a small

family business has evolved into a thriving aspect of the

Sioux Falls community.

As an employer, Advisory Board member and alumnus

of the University of South Dakota, Sletten looks forward

to active involvement with the school’s business students.

Training his new employees gives him an understanding

of the knowledge and skills today’s students will need

when making their way into the job market; and as

someone who was once in their shoes, the businessman

knows the kind of education students need to be prepared

for what employers are looking for.

“My USD education formed a good business

knowledge base to build from with experience,” he said.

“The Beacom School of Business provides the top–notch

business training that is needed in our area. As Sioux

Falls continues to develop, there will be a need for well–

trained, intelligent graduates.”

Sletten graduated from USD in 1987 with a bachelor’s

degree in business. He then pursued an MBA at Arizona

State University, which he completed in 1990. While

in school, he worked for JDS Industries until he had

enough to purchase a 25 percent ownership stake, intent

on keeping the business in the family. He and his wife,

Ronna, live in Sioux Falls and have two children, Nathan

and Melissa – the former of whom followed in his father’s

footsteps and now works with JDS Industries.