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become involved in government, and work to make our state’s

economy even stronger in the future.”

Costello was born and raised in Sioux Falls and has played

an integral role in its development for more than 20 years. In

that time he has established multiple restaurants throughout

the region, including the Sioux Falls Fuddruckers restaurant.

He and his wife, Shawn, have three children and enjoy

spending their time doing both family and community

service activities.

David L. Knudson

After spending seven years

on the East Coast, David

Knudson had the education and

experience he wanted to put to

use in his home state of South

Dakota. He graduated from

Harvard University in 1972

and the New York University

School of Law in 1975, then

moved back to Sioux Falls.

While starting out as a business

lawyer with Davenport, Evans,

Hurwitz & Smith, LLP, Knudson decided he could provide

more effective counsel with a broader business knowledge; it

was then he decided that the evening MBA program with the

University of South Dakota School of Business should be his

next move.

In 1981 he received his MBA and, having rounded out his

business knowledge, continued his law practice in Sioux Falls.

“My USD MBA enhanced my ability to analyze business

situations and to provide innovative solutions to problems

that came up in my course of representing business clients,”

he said.

Knudson went on to serve in several state positions,

including the chief of staff to Gov. Bill Janklow during the

1995 and 1999 legislative sessions. He was also a South

Dakota State Senator from 2003–2010, a strategic advisor

for Sanford Health and a partner with Davenport, Evans,

Hurwitz & Smith, LLP. Today he is the senior vice president

and chief legal counsel for United National Corporation,

As a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board, Knudson

wants to help today’s business students understand the

dynamics of the business world.

“Today more than any other time in our past, it is

important for employers to have a highly trained workforce,”

he said. “The education, experience in teamwork, and team

building that the Beacom School of Business provides its

students can give them a great foundation to meet the

demands for today’s and tomorrow’s managers.”

Knudson currently lives in Sioux Falls and enjoys spending

his free time getting involved in his community, watching

spectator sports and reading as often as possible.

JoAnn Kunkel

Since 2012, JoAnn Kunkel has

been the chief financial officer

at Sanford Health. There she

directs the finance, accounting

and revenue cycle for one of

the country’s largest non–profit

rural health care systems. Her

experience is grounded in a

sound education from the

University of South Dakota

business school, which not

only provided the knowledge

she needed for a future career – it took her business and

accounting interests to the professional level.

While studying accounting at USD, Kunkel was given

an internship opportunity through the business school; she

credits the program with opening the door for employment in

public accounting, which ultimately led to a career in health

care. After obtaining her accounting undergraduate degree

in 1990, Kunkel went on to complete her MBA and join the

Sanford USD Medical Center in 1992. There she fulfilled

roles as director of finance and CFO for health services.

Having seen USD from the eyes of both a student and

professional, Kunkel knows that the university and its

business program have changed – and she feels good about

what they have become. She anticipates being part of the

Dean’s Advisory Board and seeing what else is in store.

“I truly believe that it can provide a foundation leading

to unlimited opportunities in business and health care,” she

said, proud of the education and experiences offered by the

business school. “It gives a great education and career path

for students.”

In addition to her financial duties, Kunkel leads Sanford’s

Corporate Services Division, a position that includes human

resources, information technology, legal and marketing

departments. She and her husband, Mike, have two children.