Please choose the type of deposit or fee you wish to pay from the options below. Depending on the deposit or fee you may need your student identification number from your acceptance letter to complete your payment.

  Dental Hygiene  ($250.00)  ( Passed Deadline )
  Intensive English Program Deposit  ($125.00)
  Law School (first deposit)  ($100.00)
  Law School (second deposit)  ($200.00)
  Nursing BSN  ($150.00)
  Nursing RN-BSN  ($150.00)  ( Passed Deadline )
  Occupational Therapy  ($400.00)
  Physical Therapy  ($400.00)
  Physician Assistants  ($400.00)  ( Passed Deadline )
  Sanford School of Medicine  ($100.00)  ( Passed Deadline )
  Sanford School of Medicine - Supplemental Application Fee  ($35.00)
  USD Graduate Application Fee  ($35.00)
  USD Undergraduate Application Fee  ($20.00)
  University Housing Deposit (on-campus)  ($100.00)